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Terms and Conditions

The following regulations appoint purchasing rules in the online shop which is run by “Seller” at the address
The Seller is:
Stan Lukasz Stanczak
Ul. Emilii Palter 12, 09-200 Sierpc, Poland
Managing activity on the ground of one-person economic activity, registered in C.E.D.G (Central Register of Economic Activity), registered under NIP No (Tax Identification number) : 7761644921, Regon No (National Business Registry number) 146572743, also called “ Provider”.
The Provider can be contacted via e-mail JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING 


1. Regulations – the present regulations.  Regulations concern the Regulations mentioned in Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2000 on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market (Directive on electronic commerce)
2. User – an individual person, a corporate body or an organizational unit without legal status, but with ability to legal activities, who according to the present regulations uses the website including Commissions in the Online Shop.
3. Custumer – Customer who is an individual person, using the Online Shop for personal needs only.
4. Provider – subject serving customers through the Online Shop w
in accordance with the present Regulations.
5. Transaction object – goods mentioned and described on the Online Shop website.
6. Goods – morvables, shown in the Online Shop, mentioned in Sale Contract.
7. Additional Service – service ( performed by Provider for Consumer out of the Online Shop) connected to the nature of sold goods.
8. Sale Contract – Sale Contract of goods according to Civil Code laws, between Provider and Customer, using the Online Shop service.
9. The Online Shop ( Shop) – online service available at e-mail address
, where Customer can order Commission.
10. Commission – Customer’s statement, concerning kind and quantity of goods, leading to Sale Contract.
11. Information technology System – set of appliances and software acting together due to ensure transformation and storing data as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunication networks.

2. General Rules

1. The present Regulations qualify rules of using the online shop available at e-mail address
2. Instructing the Customer in the present Regulations and accepting the Regulations’ resolves are the main conditions of making orders.
3. The Online Shop carries on retail sales via network.
4. All goods offered in the shop are brand new , originally packed, without any physical and legal defects and they were imported legally to Market.
5. Within technical requirements necessary to co – operate with information technology System, which is used by Provider, the Customer should own valid e-mail address and an appliance connected to the Internet in order to browse abd visit the Internet websites.
6. The Customer is obliged no to provide forbidden by low Contents e.g. contents publicizing violence or contents slandering other people or encroaching other peoples rights.

3. Making Commissions

1. Commissions are accepted via the Internet website.
2. Commissions via the Internet website can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all the year.
3. The order will be effective if the Customer fills in the form of the commission correctly and gives contact details including full address at which goods should be sent, as well as the phone number and e-mail address.
4. In case details concerning the contact are incomplete, Seller will contact Customer. If the contact is impossible, Seller has got the right to cancel the Commission.
5. While making Commission the Customer can require receiving a receipt or a VAT invoice, which can be attached with the dispatch or sent via e-mail at pointed out e-mail address.
6. While making Commissions and giving personal details Customer agrees to storing personal data in the Online Shop data basis in order to carry Commissions into effect. Customer has got the right to inquire and inspect His/Her personal data to correct or delete the data.
7. Customer can ask for saving the data to make the further Commission easier. Therefore Customer should give login and password necessary to get the access to the account. Customer’s login is a given e-mail address. Password is a certain number of signs assigned by Customer. The Customer’s password is not known by Seller. Customer has to keep the password in a secret and protect it against other people’s access.
8.After making an effective Commission. Customer will get an automatic reply from the shop ensuring accepting of the Commission.

4. Costs, date of sending and carrying into effect time

1. Products are sent at the pointed in the Commission form address. The Shop informs Customer about the form which has been filled in incorrectly, because it can cause a delay.
2. Products are delivered only by professional courier companies or by Polish Post office Company. The Customer may not get the products personally from Provider.
3. Packages are delivered according to the date given during the process of Commission. The time of dispatch concerns only C.O.D. option while choosing payment option : “transfer” or “paying by credit card or online transfer” Customer should wait until the amount of money is in Provider’s bank account (it usually takes 1-2 working days).
4. The Customer is charged with delivery costs which are specified in transport price – list.
5. Provider is not responsible for longer time of delivery or lack of delivery because of wrong or incomplete data or address given by Customer.
6. The major part of goods is created for individual Customer’s commission. Time of commission (from the moment of making order to the moment of sending a ready product) takes from 7 to 21 working days. It depends on difficulty of the order and on the number of ordered goods.

5. Payments

1. We give a receipt or an invoice for each sold product.
2. Payment for ordered goods can be performed:
a) through e-payment system (by credit card or e-transfer):

b) by the use of special code from Gift Card bought before in the Provider’s shop – rules of using the Gift Card are mentioned in annex 1 of the Regulations.

6. Withdrawal from the Contract

1. The Customer, who entered into a contract within a distance, may withdraw from the contract for any reason by submitting a statement in writing within 14 days. It is a dead-line starting from the date of delivery or from entering into a contract. To keep the time – limit the Customer should send a statement at the Provider’s address.
2. In case of withdrawal from a contract within a distance, the contract is considered not to be signed. Therefore products should be returned.
3. The return should be within 14 days not more. The product has to be return at Provider’s address.
4. In case of withdrawal from the contract by Customer, the costs if packaging an shipping the goods to the Provider are covered by the Customer.
5. Individual orders connected with certain Customers cannot be returned, especially products ordered on website (like toys and badges, or stickers) if they were produced by the Provider according to individual design of the buyer.

7. Complaint Procedure

1. Products have got theProvider’s and producer’s warranty. Detailed conditions of warranty are specified in warranty document attached to the goods.
2. Complaints should be lodged at the Provider’s address JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING
3. The Customer who lodges a complaint should send the product with a receipt or an invoice of purchase
4. The Provider has got 14 days to consider the Complaint. In case of positive consideration the Provider has to repair the product or replace it to the new one or return costs of the purchased product.
5. The Customer may request that the product be restored to the condition consistent with the contract by either free of charge repair or replacement thereof unless the repair or replacement are impossible or require excessive costs on the part of the Provider.

8. Copyright and forbidden Contents

In online Shop certain contents not allowed. Embroidery patterns and shapes of the toys ought to be copyrighted. The Provider is not responsible for designs created by the Shop customers. However, it encourages to inform about piracy. The Provider reserves the right to refuse any orders if their contents are not legal or allowed and if they can harm the image of company.
Some forbidden contents are mentioned below:
General principles concerning forbidden contents:
- Contents which may encroach on other peoples rights,
- Use of Nazi symbols or emblems,
- Contents which mean hatred to another group of people,
- Wrong sexual contents,
- Contents which use image or resemblance of the juvenile,
- Obscene or vulgar comments and insulting remarks,
- Contents showing violence,
- Contents, which suggest trade mark
The mentioned above list should be treated as general provisions instead of a complete list. respects other people’s intellectual property tights therefore we ask the same from our customers. may delete accounts of those customers who encroach on other people’s intellectual property rights. If there is a suspicion that the contents are copied or they encroach on copyright online shop should be informed about the fact at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.
Copyright Shop is a property of Stan Lukasz Stanczak.
All the contents on website and software is also a property of Stan Lukasz Stanczak and they are protected with copyright according to Journal of Laws (Dz.U.) of 1994 No 24 item 83. Copying, spreading and redistribution are forbidden without the consent of Stan Lukasz Stanczak.
All designs of Shop are legal property of Stan Lukasz Stanczak Shop has got the right to use them for marketing or to sell them. The Customer does not gain copyright of designed products in Shop. Creating designs in Shop, the Customer gives Stan Lukasz Stanczak full right to copying, advertising, selling and distribution of designed products.

9. Newsletter

1. The Customer may agree to get trade information including trade information via Internet by marking on appropriate option in the register form or later in a file “Your account” (ref. “Newsletter”). In this case the Customer will get online Shop information bulletin at the indicated e-mail address.
2. The Customer may give up Newsletter by marking an appropriate option or sending information about resignation, at e-mail address :JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.


10. Modification of the Regulations

1. Customers who have got accounts in the Shop will be informed about modification of the Regulations via e-mail messages.
2. If the Customer notices any modifications in the Regulations he/she should accept them. In case of the lack of the Customer’s acceptance to the modification of the Regulations, purchasing in the online Shop is impossible.
3. The Customer, who does not accept the modification in the Regulations may delete his/her account in any time.
4. Orders made by customers before the modifications of the Regulations will be carried into effect according to the previous provisions of the Regulations.

Order Regulations and using Gift Cards

I. Terminology

Terms used in the present Regulations mean:
1. Coupon Seller –Stan Lukasz Stanczak with the seat in 09-200 Sierpc, ul. Emilii Plater 12 registered under NIP ( tax identification number ): 776572743, REGON( national business registry number): 146572742
2. Gift Card – electronic form of a valuable coupon to the bearer, issued by the Seller (with a code that consists of numbers). The coupon entitles the bearer to exchange it to goods or services in the online Shop The coupon has got its expiry date and value which are registered in its electronic information. The Gift Card is not a payment card or an equivalent in electronic money, according to the standing law.
3. Customer – a businessman, a corporate body or an organizational unit buying the Gift Card from the Seller.
4. User – any bearer of the Gift Card being an individual person.
5. Value to Use – the amount ascribed to the Gift Card, which is available to buy goods in the online Shop
6. Transaction – purchase process made by the user in the Shop by means of Gift Card.
7. Shop – the online Shop run at e-mail address url : which enables the Customer to use the Gift Card.
8. Transaction – the process done by means of the Gift Card, entitling to exchange the Gift Card into Goods or services by using (Value to Use) the full value of the coupon.

II. General Provisions

1. The Gift Card has got an international range, but only in the kind of currency in which it was used. The Gift Card can be used for Transactions only in the online Shop
2. Value to Use is chosen among available values of coupons in the Shop Information, concerning Value to Use for a given Gift Card is delivered to the Customer with the given Gift Card.
3. The Gift Card cannot be returned or exchanged to cash.
4. The Gift Card is valid during the appointed on it period of time.
5. The Seller is not responsible for the Gift Cards which were lost or damaged after their delivery to the Customer. The Customer is authorized to report the loss or damage of the coupon in order to block it.


1. Gift Card is the Seller’s property.
2. To get Gift Cards the Customer has to pay for the value of the chosen Gift Card on the website page of The Customer has got the right to give the card to a chosen by himself/herself individual person –Gift –Card Users.


1. is put under an obligation to deliver Gift Cards to the Customer in the amount and value in accordance with the Customer’s order at website.
2. will confirm the order made by the Customer via e-mail.
3. will write out a book-keeping, charging bank-note for the amount of money adequate to the value of ordered Gift Cards with the given discount.
4. will provide, ordered by the Customer Gift Cards at the appointed e-mail address.
5. is put under an obligation to deliver Gift Cards to the Customer in the amount and value in accordance with the Customer’s order on condition that the book-keeping charging bank-note is paid.

V. Gift Card Use

The Customer and the Gift Card user take note that:
1. The Gift Card User can use the coupon only once during its validity period.
2. The Customer uses his/her Gift Card by entering a unique code written on the Gift Card in the shopping basket in the space “Enter the code of your coupon or Gift Card “and by confirming it with the button “Add” – located next to the space “Enter the code of your coupon or Gift Card” in the online shop The basket value will be reduced with the Value to Use registered on the Gift Card on the day of purchasing. The Transaction means purchasing and it is liable to a duty of paying standard tax fees.
3. The Gift Card can be read only by electronic way i.e. each operation is verified in the matter of access and to appoint Value to Use.
4. The Gift Card can never be exchanged into cash.
5. In case the value of bought goods is bigger than Value to Use, Transaction can be carried into effect on condition the User pays the missing amount by means of another method of payment accepted by the Shop
6. If the Gift Card User does not use the complete value of the coupon, or if the value of purchased goods or services is lower than Value to Use, the value left in the coupon is not reimbursed. In this case any amount of money cannot be payed to the User as “the change” after the Transaction of the Gift Card.
7. The Gift Card can be used during the validity period given on the card.
8. The online Shop has got the right to refuse the Gift Card realization in the following cases:
a) Expiration of validity of the Gift Card.
b) Of technical problems to make the realization of the Gift Card impossible.
9. The Gift Card realization by its User is a valid Transaction even when the User came into possession of the Gift Card coupon illegally.
10. The return of goods or services bought by means of the Gift Card is possible by the regulations valid for the online Shop
11. In case of any problems with the Gift Card Transaction realization, the User will the Gift Card Transaction realization, the User will report about it by e-mail message at e-mail address: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.
12. Complaints connected with the Gift Cards will be considered by the coupn Seller in writing within 30 days from the Customer’s complaint in writing Complaints can be also sent to the Seller’s seat address.





1.1. This Privacy Policy sets out the privacy of your personal information online shop available at the electronic address (hereinafter referred to as "Service"), owned by the STAN Lukasz Stanczak in Sierpc 09-200, ul. Emilia Plater 12 POLAND
1.2. The administrator of personal data of users of the Service ("Users") is the owner of Site Condition STAN Lukasz Stanczak in Sierpc 09-200, ul. Emilia Plater 12 POLAN Destablished on the basis of one-person business, subject to entry in the Central Register of Economic Activities registered under NIP number: 7761609758, REGON: 361157590, hereinafter referred to as "Administrator".
1.3. Personal data which are transmitted by you in connection with registration and use of the Shop located under the domain are processed by STAN Lukasz Stanczak in Sierpc 09-200, ul. Emilia Plater 12 POLAN, established on the basis of one-person business, subject to entry in the Central Register of Economic Activities registered under NIP number: 7761609758, REGON: 361157590, which is the administrator of these data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (text one .: Dz. U. 2002., No. 101, item. 926, as amended. d.).
1.4. Service users are its customers, ie. People who use the services provided by the Administrator through the Service as defined in the Regulations Store Cuddly Friend (hereinafter: the "Regulations"). This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Regulations.


2.1. The administrator collects your personal data to the extent required to provide the services specified in the Regulations, including the implementation of orders placed through the Service or on the Site registration and other services.
2.2. The information collected includes: name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, which includes: street, postcode, city, country, and the data profile from the social networking site Facebook. This is the extent to which data are processed depends on the type of service selected by the user.


3.1. The administrator processes the personal data of users in order to allow users to use the Service. By this we mean the implementation of the services provided under the Rules. In particular, orders placed through the Service, maintain contact with you, invoicing and support the complaint. 
3.2. If the user's express consent provided by the User e-mail address will be used by the Administrator in order to steer the User electronically free newsletter containing commercial information.
3.3. Data submission is voluntary.


4.1. The User shall have the right to access your personal data and the right to correct them.
4.2. You have the right to require updating, supplementing, or correct personal data. You have the right to also demand suspension of their processing or remove them if they are incorrect, incomplete, outdated, or collected in violation of the law or are no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.
4.3. The User has the right to object to the processing of personal data.
4.4. Any changes with regard to their personal data Users can be done by sending messages regarding those changes on JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING address.
4.5. Administrator reserves the right to refuse to remove user data if their retention is necessary for the implementation of claims, or if required by applicable law.


5.1. Website Website uses Cookies are text files type. Cookies are stored by the server on the user's computer.
5.2 In order to use the Service, you must allow for storage in a computer Mutli Cookies are text files. No permit may mean the impossibility or difficulties in using the Website.
5.3. Text files of type Cookies are not used to collect personal information. Do not change the configuration of the computer user, do not interfere with the integrity of the system or user data.
5.4. The website uses three types of cookies: "Session" (session cookies) "fixed" (persistent cookies) and analytical. Cookies "session" are temporary files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user to log out time (out of the page). Permanent "cookies are stored in the user terminal device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until you delete them. Cookies "analytical" allow you to understand how people's interaction in the field of website content Service. They gather information on the use of the site, page type, with which the user was redirected, and the number of visits and time you visit the Site. This information does not record specific personal information, but are used to develop statistics of website use the Service.
5.5. The Administrator reserves the possibility to retrieve information from the client computer, including information about an IP address, operating system and browser type of client for the purposes of administering the system. This is statistical data about how to view the Service by customers. 
5.6. Personal data collected by the Administrator have direct access only to authorized employees and associates of the Administrator and authorized persons responsible for the site.


6.1. Administrator declares that processes personal data of Users in accordance applicable regulations. And that applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the data processed.
7.1. This Privacy Policy does not cover any information relating to goods or services by entities other than the Administrator, which were posted on the Website commercial, featuring, on a reciprocal basis or not intended as achieving commercial effect.
8.1. Administrator reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy, if warranted by applicable laws or changes made to the Service. The planned change and the date of its entry into force administrator will inform the user through the website of the Service.
8.2. Any additional questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the e-mail address: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

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